Family History

family history

There are very long, historical roots, for the Trappier family in the Haute-Savoie region of France, as they were some of the first settlers of this region. Jerome grew up here, learning the legends that his family left behind. One of which is the famous ‘Trappier couloir’ off the Mont-Blanc mountain, that demands awe and respect.

Two of the most common dishes in the Haute-Savoie are fondue and raclette, which family dinners with the Trappier family almost always consist of. Why are these meals so common to the region? The ingredients are what the ancestors had on hand when cooking. The area is a farming region (among many other things) therefore they had cheese from their cows, charcuterie from their pigs, potatoes from their garden, and almost always bread on hand. Nothing ever went to waste, the old bread was absolute perfection for dipping your cheese into, as the more stale it was the less likely it was to fall off your fork!

When eating fondue or raclette with the Trappier family, you will laugh, drink, dance, discuss, argue and connect with each other in a way that has kept them close throughout many years (and generations). No fancy restaurant is needed, only simple, delicious, ingredients. Jerome feels that these experiences are invaluable, and has a desire to share with others. Whether that be through the process of creating it yourself (with our kit options) or having the memorable experience of Jerome & Rachel cooking for you.