History of Fondue

Delicious fondue cheese with bread and white wine

There is no ‘actual’ or ‘factual’ date of when the modern fondue started. According to history, it became popular during the 1800s in the French and Swiss regions of the Alps. Right where the Trappier family settled, in the Haute Savoie region. Fondue was originally born out of necessity, and what was on hand. To use up the aged cheeses and breads during the winter months, when fresh food just wasn’t readily available. All else that was required was a dash of wine, which was also quite often on hand! By dipping your stale bread into the pot of fondue, it was then softened and became delicious. From the simple beginnings, fondue is now a Swiss and French winter tradition.

The French and Swiss traditionally consider fondue only as a winter meal. But, more and more, you will see fondue continued to be enjoyed even throughout the summer months. Before it was only tourists who did this, but now it seems to be locals alike! This is a one-pot meal, of proper comfort food, always enjoyed family style (the more the merrier!).

The one absolute equipment necessity to make the fondue is the earthenware pot also know as the ‘caquelon’. This is a shallow, wide pot. It is a necessity as it heats evenly and also retains heat. Keeping the cheese a perfect consistency for enjoying. Never heating it too quickly, nor cooling down too quickly.

Cubed goodies (such as bread, veggies or fruit) are skewered and then swirled into the bubbling cheese. The swirling is a fine art. Careful not too swirl too long (where the bread then disintegrates) but just long enough that the cheese and juices are soaked into your bread. You might ask…..what happens if you lose your bread? French tradition says whoever loses it, then has to run around the house naked. All in all, don’t lose your cheese! And if you do, very quickly get it out of the pot.

Fondue at home is a French normalcy. In the winter months, this dish may be enjoyed multiple times a week. Fondue can also be found at restaurants, with the aromas wafting through the streets and establishment.

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