The Experience

Un moment à partager, avec des amis ou en famille.
Chaleureux et réconfortant.

A moment to share, with friends and family. Comforting and warming.

petit mont blanc dinner


An at-home Raclette meal experience, exactly the way the French do it, with passion! Creamy cheese, with a delicious salted crust, melted to perfection. Each Raclette meal includes a grill with individual, cheese melting pans. The individual pans are the perfect size and shape for your own (pre-cut) slices of cheese. Each person has the opportunity to melt their cheese to their own desired consistency. Once melted, the cheese can then be placed over potatoes, charcuterie (prepared, often dried, meats), or simply on your plate to stand alone.

The whole Raclette dinner experience is sociable, fun, tasty and interactive!

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us, we would be happy to hear from you!


France’s national dish is a stirring experience……quite literally! On a trip to the Alpes region in France, particularly Chamonix, you can’t help but notice that this area is a melting pot of cultures. It is fitting that one of the most recognized dishes to the region is - a melting pot of flavors and aromas - the fondue.

Each fondue meal is equipped with a fondue pot - the caquelon. Ingredients are then melted into this pot, slowly, consistently stirring to ensure the perfect emulsion and consistency.

Relax and enjoy: the fondue experience. This experience gives you the gift of time, something we are all short of. Whether you are an experienced fonduer, or a first timer, it's a fun way to experience time together!

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us, we would be happy to hear from you!

petit mont blanc dinner

Our reviews

“Thank you to Jerome, Rachel and Petit Mont-Blanc for providing us with incredible cheese and bread! What a treat to be able to get such incredible cheese here in the Roaring Fork Valley. Thank you for bringing the Alps to Colorado!”

Michael S.

"Rachel and Jerome brought us back to Chamonix! Their fondue was delicious. They made a birthday celebration we attended even more special and memorable. Highly recommend. Merci!"

Kimberly E.

“Fantastic cheese, fantastic people, fantastic experience. Truly the most authentic and delicious French cheese experience this side of the pond. Transports me back to the alps!”

Dan B.

Had the best fondue at a fun private dinner! And now I can’t help but get their raclette every Saturday at the Aspen farmers market. Transports me to France 🇫🇷 with every bite! Highly recommend Rachel and Jerome.

Cody R.

“The cheese is amazing!! My family had a fantastic night experiencing traditional French raclette. Highly recommend!"

Caroline D.

“I met Rachel and Jerome at the Aspen farmers market this summer as I was craving for a raclette sandwich. Since then I have been ordering raclette, cheese and fondue. Being French from the French alps this is the true deal bring me back home with familiar smell and taste. Above everything Rachel and Jerome are so friendly and passionate. My wife and I highly recommend le Petit Mont Blanc for every cheese lover. I can assure you you will be transported to the French alps here in the Aspen valley!"

Olivier A.