Gourmet French Fondue & Raclette



Word origin: French, feminine of 'fondu' which means melted, or from 'fondre' which is to melt.

Definition: noun. A dish, consisting of cheese melted in white wine, into which small pieces of bread are dipped and then eaten.

La Savoyarde

Our most famous and popular fondue!

Highest quality of French cheese, melted with champagne.

These hand selected cheeses are aged to perfection, creating a full-bodied fondue with a silky texture and delicious nutty flavor.


For those of you that are a bit more weary of any cheese kick; this fondue has a milder taste than La Savoyard. Creamy texture, floral aroma and savory notes.

**Both fondue options are served with freshly baked baguette and veggies for dipping, meat charcuterie options and a fresh French green salad.**


Word origin: comes from French Swiss dialect (Walliserdialekt)verb "racler"which means to scrape. It refers to both the type of cheese and the dish it is served with.

Definition: noun. a dish consisting of cheese melted and then scraped onto boiled potatoes.


Another truly authentic experience. This is one of our traditional and extremely popular dishes!

All cheeses are sourced and hand selected. from Europe (mainly France). Consistent rotating cheese selection. A very fun and interactive personal experience utilizing Raclette grills at your table to melt the finest cheeses.

**Served with freshly baked baguette, locally sourced organic potatoes, and veggie options for smothering. Also includes meat charcuterie options and a fresh French green salad.**

Warm Sandwiches

Perfect for your private party or gathering! Melted french raclette cheese, italian prosciutto, french cornichon pickles, dijon mustard on a fresh sourdough baguette.

Charcuterie Boards

Various, authentic, meat and cheese options available upon request.


Chocolate Fondue

Milk or dark chocolate.
Single origin, craft and locally made.
Served with fresh fruit for dipping

Small bites

Locally made, artisan chocolate bonbon assortment

The best memories are shared around food. We offer our catering services for all kinds of special events! Our specialities are:

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  • Dinner & Lunch Parties
  • Family Celebrations
  • Holiday Parties
  • Corporate & Group Events
  • Any kind of special occasion!

We hope to be part of creating a very special memory for your unforgettable event!

  • On-site chef for the duration of your meal
  • Server for the duration of your meal
  • Cost of food
  • Preparation
  • All required equipment for your meal
  • Clean-up