Petit Mont-Blanc cheese

Fromageries Marcel Petite

La Jura, France

Finding this gem was no easy task, one might say it was like ‘finding a diamond in the rough’. We could not be more pleased to offer you such a special product, coming from a neighbour region (to the Haute-Savoie) in France.

Learn more about Marcel Petite’s philosophy, their cheese, it’s caves, and the region HERE. Next time you’re in France, be sure to stop by, and view it all for yourself. You’ll be pleased that you did.

Petit Mont-Blanc cheese

Société Fromagère du Livradois

Fournols, France

“Imagine a green setting in the heart of Auvergne where cows are serenely grazing between 700m and 1200m /2,300 and 3,900 feet above sea level to produce an exceptional milk… It is in this natural frame, nestled in the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural park, on this mountainous lands, volcanoes and plateaus, that Société Fromagère du Livradois daily produces and ripens it’s cheeses.” - Livradois

We are pleased to offer their cheese for our Raclette dinners.

Raclette Cheese

Brézain is a smoked, cow's milk, raclette-style French cheese produced in the mountainous Alps.

Montboissie Morbier is an aromatic and surprisingly mild French cow's milk cheese defined by the dark vein of Burgundy red grape paste through the middle.

Natural Raclette with it’s salty, beige rind, and perfectly creamy interior.


Fondue Cheese

Comté is a pressed semi-hard cheese from the Comté region of Eastern France, on the Swiss border. It has a dusty brown rind with a pale, creamy interior, and a mild, slightly sweet flavour. Perfect for your French fondue!


Beaufort is one of the most noble Alpine cheeses. It's produced exclusively in the French Alps from the milk of cows that, in the best examples of the cheese, graze on sustainable mountain pastures, imparting unique grassy, flowery aromas to the meaty cheeses, which have a firm yet buttery taste which melts easily in the mouth. A beautiful addition to our French fondue.

Petit Mont-Blanc cheese


Chocolate Fondue

We source our chocolate from a Colorado based maker, whom reflects the harmony between their love of beekeeping and passion for chocolate. Their focus is promoting local sustainable bee keeping, supporting farmers at origin, and hand crafting single origin varietal cacao from bean to bar. Although honey isn't in their chocolate, the essence of wellness is infused in everything they do.

Pollinator Chocolates